Monday, October 25, 2010

For procrastination controls me

My flight to and from KL was uneventful. but nevertheless the aftereffects i suffered was an hour of friggin high after landing.

i'm now "safely" in KT, preparing a battle against and onslaught of deadlines for various assignments, reports and THE presentation of the semester.

but somehow procrastination got the better me and i'm here, sitting in an empty lecture hall, typing this, wasting my time, and NOT getting any beneficial work done.


one half of me wants to continue working, but the dominant half of it wants me to play need for speed 2. so the submissive half is fighting what i would say a losing war against the dominant one. so while the war is ongoing, the submissive half is painfully refraining the dominant half from racing cars, and the dominant one is just as easily not allowing the submissive one to start working.

and so the end result is doing this. updating my blog.

haih. is the only time i can find to update my blog during intrapersonal fights like these?

and now i've nothing else to say. ==

i think the dominant half is winning.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flight home

I went on an airplane for the first time in my life. It was SO fun!!! Haha… though at first it was scary because I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I tried asking for information at the counter but the person there wasn’t very helpful. I had no idea what to expect when I checked in and entered the boarding room.

Then there was this earlier flight by MAS (I was using AirAsia) that kept requesting passengers to board while the AirAsia people just kept silent. The boarding time on my ticket said 8.40 but it was close to 9.00 when they opened the boarding room. On top of that the closing time for boarding was supposed to be at 9pm. Imagine my nervousness when nothing happened until then. I was really terrified of missing the plane. Haha.

My seat was supposed to be right next to the aisle, according to pictograms on the plane but this old guy, either by mistake or on purpose, sat on my seat, so I got the window seat (yay!). My parents said it was boring since I couldn’t see the clouds because my flight was at night but the night lights are pretty too.

There is SO much difference between the night view of KT and KL.

I barely had time to nod off when the pilot announced that we were going to land in 20 minutes. I was like, huh? Oh right. This is a flight, not a bus. Lol. Incidentally I saw PETRONAS twin towers. In the yellow glow of the night city lights, the twin towers were white, standing out. From my view they looked like Christmas tree worms. very cute-looking. Had no idea where the KL tower was btw.

Unfortunately the inside of the plane was too bright and I couldn’t get a picture. ==

I guess first timers always behave like jakuns, huh? The guy beside me was wearing that “you first time on plane kah?” look on his face so obviously that I tried to refrain taking pictures until I saw him looking away or trying to sleep. I’m sure nobody could have REALLY slept during that short flight ^^ll but seriously lah, I acted so jakun-ish that I’m amazed at myself.

Being on a plane feels very much like diving, because I guess in both cases there is this change in air pressure and I frequently had to equalize. I mean you can feel whether the plane was in ascent or decent. It was SO fun. ^^

In the five months I wasn’t home, Jedo got SO big. XD

He’s just so cute other cats can’t even compare. ^^

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Forgiveness is a choice

I will forgive you. Because for the great me there is no sense at all in being all worked up in anger over an idiotic small-fry like you.

You being an idiot, I harbor no hopes in you being able to understand even the reasons and common sense of the average human being.

Also, there is no way an idiot like you could have made any plans even resembling what you claim to have made.

Why should I waste my precious energy and time deliberating over your kind?

Why should I waste time over an idiot?

Oh Idiot, I don’t expect anything from you.

Therefore, I don’t care.

Whatever you do, you’re just fulfilling your part as an idiot.

And if I mull over it anymore, I’d be an idiot for being angry at an idiot.

So you did anything wrong, it’s alright, for who am I to expect anything from an idiot?

Thus, I forgive you, for it is useless to expect anything more.