Sunday, July 25, 2010

3rd time's the charm

today after visiting the hatchery i went for dinner and caught a football game. (no i'm not a football fan) anyway it was Malaysia vs South Korea and the striker was shooting a penalty kick. the attempt didn't go well and it rebounded immediately but the feller went after the rebounded ball and kicked again, fail. then again, the ball got further, and every other defender on the opposing them was chasing him. then he kicked it for the third time and the ball went straight for the goal. ^^

an overhead camera showed the entire opposing team's players surrounding this guy and the lone goal keeper at the goal that couldn't save the ball since probably he can't see the angle properly due to over crowding of the players.

nice goal. ^^

three's a crowd. two i can handle. i usually avoid crowds. but when my anti-social mood surfaces i go out out my way to make sure places i go lack human life or at most two people around me. any more than that i can't tolerate. worse things is, my anti-social self seem to surface together with my depression. so if i don't act like myself, i'm sorry. if i don't act like the Self you know, i'm sorry. cuz that's probably one of my other personalities. i have so many spilt personalities that i don't know who i am anymore.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My time management skills suck.

That being said, it's actually no mystery as to why i'm behind in doing all the things i want or need to do. like packing, organizing, assignments, reports, projects and such.

on a whole i have a main idea what i have to do at specific times, but it's the time in between where i have to selit all my minor work that i mess up in. ==

like how i'm supposed to be doing something else right NOW.

okay. time to start continue work.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


==ll it seems that i'm lagging behind my initial resolution of posting something once every week. noooo.... must get back on track!!!

anyway... erm. you know the save password thing that google chrome offers so that the next time you go in an account you don't have to type a password to go in? i saved so many for so long that once last week i tried accessing my accounts with a different computer i had to think for few minutes to remember my password.

aiya... dangerous dangerous... cannot let that happen anymore. especially when my memory seems to be failing me nowadays. O.O

then... going sampling next week lor, the same place as stated in previous blog post. yay! now i can get more samples for my next treatment. ^^

pc fair was on town so i went to get some stuff. damage still minimal - under 100, so i consider it a success in self control XD

when i went on the first day i surveyed everywhere and decided to go next day to get everything i needed at one booth. mana tau the next day i go everything i wanted already sold out. then i went around other places trying to find it but failed. finally when we were about to leave i saw this tauke taking out an entire stack from the store.

hello lah uncle! if you don't display the wares mana ada orang with x-ray eyes boleh nampak that thing?!

but yeah, found it (transparent notebook skin - don't like the flowery ones they selling. + i very proud of my notebook punya colour, no need to hide it under another layer of hideous coloured paper)

class started, have a few assignments that i'm gonna rush after this. finally there's a (somewhat) fixed routine i can follow so when i get free time i'm gonna revise a schedule - not that i follow it very closely but i need a to-do list cause i forget what i have to do really frequently and end up playing games or wasting time online. (like now ^^)

my crabs are healthy, so far. 6 weeks to go before the big crab feast analysis. ^^

until then. XD

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

After TWO long months...

I finally started my project OFFICIALLY!!!

though it's only 1/9 done (or 1/5 if you omit the optional treatments) but it's a start, right?

i know the optional treatments are, well, optional, but i'm determined to see them as compulsory until the time comes when i can no longer see them that way. That being said, i'll do everything in my power complete all NINE treatments. ^^

cheers for me~ XD

Friday, July 02, 2010

Setiu Sampling

This is waaaaaaaay overdue but what the heck, for the lack of updates I have I might as well post something. ^^

Erm. Some of us were actually reluctant to go there but since our supervisor asked us to we did. I drove up there with WS and PY. (really, REALLY grateful PY was asked to go there with us, btw XD or else I’d monopolize the cabin, among other reasons. heh.)

the trip made us go through a really healthy lifestyle. Tidur awal, bangun awal, 3 meals a day and work in between. no computer, not because there wasn't any electricity, but because we conveniently decided to not bring one up. it was REALLY comfortable in the cabin. spacious, since only PY and me were sharing it. really clean too. oh and did I mention there was an AC? X3

In the mornings we went out to put traps in the mangrove. All that stepping in the mud was goddamn tiring. There was a Master’s student coming along with us and he was used to this, having done this monthly since last year. On the first day he kept asking if we were okay (I was panting like mad – know lar, my stamina isn’t all that great), and asked us to take a breather when he went to the areas that were REALLY tough to get into.

WS: Luckily we are FYP students. If we were doing Master’s then WE would be telling the FYP students to rest and do all the hard parts ourselves.

Whew. Imagine the ground sinking with every step until the mud came up to hip level. It was damn hard to get around on the first day but over the next few days we sorta got used to it. (we were there for four days).

Then in the evening during air pasang, another team would be dispatched to collect the traps that were set. Sometimes, this trip would be easier as we’d just pull the traps out of the water while on the boat, but it the water level was too low then we’d have to go down and get it ourselves. THEN it’d be harder (in my opinion) because then we’d have to walk through the same hip level mud with waist level water. I’d like to be able to SEE where I’m walking, thank you, even IF it was through mud like this.

Then nights were utilized to help the Master’s students measure the crabs, and to tie up any that weren’t already tied when the catch was landed earlier in the evening. WS was bitten while learning to tie the crabs, kesian… haha.

Then the times in between were the leisure times, where we go out for meals and stuff. Most of the time we sat there chatting (listening to WS talk, mostly, until he decided he was tired and kept asking us to carry the conversation).

There were many, many mosquitoes during the night. Those that flew near enough to us were killed without second thought. (hey, Don't bother me, and i won't bother -kill- you.)

All in all, not bad. ^^ looking forward to next month’s trip.