Friday, December 25, 2009

Still waiting reeeeeaally anxiously...

... although i KNOW it's not wise to do so. ppl can just blow you off at anytime if you are sitting on too high a perch. and my hopes are hanging so goddamn dangerously high up.

its gonna hurt when i fall off. (like i did earlier this week)

but like the stubborn person that i am i refused to learn from the lesson and kept climbing.

gah! i keep on telling myself not to hope so much but it keeps on climbing!! i dowan to fall from there~!

==ll in the end there's nothing i can do but to keep on waiting... (and hope that my hope doesnt go any higher than this...)
gah~ the days seem so long...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009




ask me later next week.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Leonardo the Genius

I really dont like calling this guy da Vinci cuz that part is basically "of Vinci". It's not really his family name.

but the whole world knows him as and likes to call him da Vinci so whatever la. who am I to say anything right?

Just a short post (seeing that my blog has been abandoned for as long as i came back)


it's totally worth your money plus with the >promotion< on you can get tickets BUY 1 FREE 1!!!

merchandise a bit pricey though. the T-shirts were nice material and design and all but it was at a whooping RM30~ i'm a poor poor student... sponsor me? anyways i got myself a poster of "The Last Supper"

ahahhahahahaha~ *bliss* XD

Anyway a sneak preview of the exhibit. will post the rest on FB later. These are taken from the official blogs. XD

virus we found your twin!!!!!