Monday, December 22, 2008

I have no computer..........

coming back from the jungle i realised that i had done less than i had expected to do. for one thingthe entire first week coming home was spent packing then shifting then unpacking thenarranging them and then it ALL repeats until the old house is void of stuff.

to make things worse my dear, dear laptop had a suspected hardware problem, causing it to be unable to detect wi-fi connection which is ESSENTIAL to my uni life... as of right now i'm using the library's computer, a new friend of mine which i'll probably see everyday after class until CNY.

T-T i wan my laptop back.....

anyway (dusts cobweds out of hair), the following is what i have done in the past month. and yes i realise i've been tagged *looks at multiple post it notes on self*

d stuff weren't exactly finished unpacked but i decided to take a break anyway XD went to MVwith chibi n the fox. i hvnt seen them since... 2006?5? dunno. ah well. my mind eludes me at thismoment, after much wandering around for foxy's parents' anniversary gift. we settled in at sushiking. free refills of green tea sucessfully lured us into sitting there for hours. that, and also theendless entertainment of 'mase mase'

was forced to unpack and arranged my stuff before allowed another break. that, and alsobecause people i asked weren't available that week. what's with the busy schedule on the second week of holidays?!! anyhow warmed seats at a table in taipan for two hours with a f6 friend.

*somewhere in between*
i went to get my 1119 cert. i suspect the clerks were not paying attention to me. i distinctly said I'm HEREFOR THE 1119 CERT. but she insisted on pushing the SPM claim form (i dunno what it'sactually called so whatever). it was not until i showed her my signature on the thing made two years agoand she was like 'oh! the 1119 cert izit?' and handed me the other signing thingy.

ate breakfast at a kopitiam with some f6 friends. after that left for a retraining hour of driving lesson, and NO.i DID not bang anything. it was.. peaceful. slow. but peaceful. having not driven since i got my license (okay once or twice that left my passengers WIDE AWAKE) for 6 months i had a bit of a phobia when driving, especially when i had to drive my mom's big, long, FAT Gen 2. havent tried my dad's Serena but after witnessing my skills i doubt he'd let me now.

i went out with the gakis which i have not seen for THREE years and also chibi n kitsune. yeah, itwas fun to see them all together again. somehow for the past few weeks whenever i go out witha bunch of people. we end up warming seats in some random restaurant. this time we successfully chose sushi zenmai after some thought and managed to stay inside for just under 3 hours. not bad, i'd say. the green tea was nice. but hot. but okay nevertheless.

on the 15th i went to cameron *imagines the syok-ness of the freezing cold* we went up the hill at night and it was raining. i vagyely remember thinking 'what if there was a landslide?' before i fell asleep in the car.

after that we WERE supposed to go straight to terrenganu but my dad needed to do something in KL so we ended up going back and heading out again on the 19th.


in a exactly month from now i'll be getting ready to go home...

wait for me, laptop!