Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Field Trip awaiting...

My lecturer for "Biology of Marine Vertebrates" is taking us on field trip tomorrow!! but before that:

I’ve decided that the remaining videos I have will be uploaded on facebook instead.

Reason 1: it looks HORRIBLE on blogspot.

Reason 2: I’m being a nice person and complying with requests of the stars from the video who wish avoid publicity. (cuz my blog public ma)

Reason 3: em. Cuz my facebook no video? Saje wan to put this reason. 3 nice number what.

Anyway. Seriously. Back to topic.

I’m goin on course field trip to Langkawi tomorrow! YEAH hahahaha…..

I’m supposed to do a presentation or something on it as an assignment so expect pictures and vids(maybe)… still deciding whether to put em here or facebook.

Maybe some here some there.

although the bus trip will be long and tiring... oh wth. can sleep on bus ma. i just hope whoever sits beside me doesn't ask me to shut the air con due to coldness.
you'd be suprised how many people cannot stand the cold around here. sheesh.

Monday, February 23, 2009


on the 20th we went for debate quarter finals and... lost. as firdaus had to go to his wajib scuba license theory class so our backup, eric stepped up to the podium as the prime minister of our team.

First of I shall declare that without this person, we would not have qualified this far, and would have failed in the priliminary rounds on the first day.

This person held the most important post in the debate team for all the matches, which is the 3rd speaker, meaning the Whip of the Ministry regardless of whether we held the side of the Government or Opposition.

And this person was the BEST speaker in FOUR of our FIVE matches!!! the only one she wasn't was at the quarter finals.

This person is....



sorry. if we had been better speakers to support you our team might have gotten further on in the match...

eh please note i'm not trying to gosok kasut, k.

as i promised, i shall now post the comments by our team members regarding their involvement in this debate competition:

Lee Ling: I feel BioM team is not fully prepared and that good after all after i've seen how the teams in the semi final really fight neck to neck about the topic NEP, with strong points and good strategy. I over underestimated the teams we fought with.

Chark: i think without coaching and experience and we get this far to quarter finals it is amazing enough. and the top four teams are GREAT speakers. wow. especially KKK. then there was this girl from IT that we lost to who was GREAT as well. this, people, is talent.

Eric: i think i'm the one causing our team is lost.....sorry ok!!!!!AND if firdaus came that time i think our team will win huhuhuuuu....... but if see the semi final team..they are more better than us because of they have more experiences...... that's all....TQ...

Firdaus: I’m very happy and the debate was enjoyable. Hope to join it again next year..

there you have it. the comments from our participants.

Lee Ling was the whip and best speaker among us, and also top among all the participants. i can't help feeling that if we had been better speakers who could have a chance in the semi finals.

me: Ngo Lee Ling, please comment on your feelings upon receiving the title of THE best speaker in the english debate.

LL: Em. personally i regret not attending the prize giving ceremony as i had to attend the ceremony for those who got on the dean's list.

this girl on dean list people. dun play play.

LL(cont.): but i feel very happy and i appreciate the organizers giving this award.

however lookin' on the bright side, i personally think maybe this is a blessing in disguise...

because we lost in the quarters we had the opportunity to witness the greatness of the KKK team and not stress ourselves out.

finals were between bioD and post harvest. i was REALLY shocked when KKK lost! they were great! i mean, bioD were stuttering and stuff. man.

i suppose it was all down to the strategy and rebuttal of points.

oh well.


I find the judges totally biased.

Sitting through the Finals, i can't help but feel that the semi finals i sat through was SO much better. the teams, sorry to say, if any participant happens to stumble on this blog, was boring, to say the least.

plus the audience (excluding me of course) was goddamn noisy and disruptive. but it was legal to do so, so i kept quiet.

and listening to the finals i get headache from their superb grammar.

goddamn them.

so yeah. XD

but after listening to the finals of the BM debate, which was WOW on both sides, i realise that, yeah. they really do look at your points as the main thing.

doesn't matter if you can't speak the language,

as long as you present strong points and are able to kill the opponent's points,

you'd win.

doesn't matter if your mastery of the english language isn't that good.

for complete results, please visit here

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I remember when I started this blog off I was updating every week (cuz I was workin and I always used my off days to update). Then I went to uni it gradually became twice a month, then once a month.

And it took a reminder from my friend to make me realize this fact.

I wonder what distracted me?

It wasn’t as if I had nothing to post or that I had no internet access. I had 24 hour internet as long as I have my laptop wit me at the right places.

You know, I think that was the reason.


That distracted me from what I wanted to do, to accomplish. And also gave me the reason to procrastinate. Cuz, tomorrow’s always there right?

But tomorrow never comes.

It is TODAY that stuff will be done.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day in my obviously "quite" stressed uni life

Was woken up at 6 am by roommate.

Was woken up AGAIN at 8am by said roommate asking why the heck I need so much sleep.

Was then horribly woken up by ringtone on phone at 9am. This time by coursemate who told me I made to go attend debate at KK3 (classroom. Debate activity was forced on me weeks ago and very naturally escaped my mind)


I have to debate today?!! WHAT?!! I don’t even know HOW to debate!!

Woke up and got ready hurriedly and rushed to KK3. Was already half an hour late. However when eavesdropping at the door it did not really sound like a debate was going on in there but got la some person talking.

I slowly opened the door and slipped inside. Nodded to the person (who btw reminded me VERY MUCH of the kappa with his mannerisms and body language, not to mention way of speech…) and went to meet my contact who then FINALLY told me this was only a workshop for debate beginners.

I let out a breath I never knew I was holding.