Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lies are bad. I don’t like lies. But it seems lately I seem to be telling white lies more frequently than I’d like. People say white lies aren’t so bad, sometimes people don’t need to know the entire truth. But what happens when you want to tell the truth so badly but sometimes it is the human society’s quick turn to prejudice that prevents you from doing so?

For some reason, although every single self improvement and motivational book will instruct you to be true to yourself, to be direct and confident in whatever you say or do, the very human society we live in discourages us from living in such a manner.

In order to adapt to others, in order to tolerate and be tolerated, we have to change ourselves, the way we think, speak and act. To think about others. To be sensitive of their likes and dislikes. To tolerate things that are sometimes rejected by your very soul.

In my dictionary, adapting is synonymous with tolerance and change. Adapting is to not be yourself. Adapting is to transform yourself into an acceptable human being so that others can tolerate your existence around them.

Be yourself, they say. True friends will accept you for who you are, they say. But be prepared to tolerate (change a part of yourself) so that you can in turn be tolerated. So in conclusion, Everyone changes. Nobody acts like themselves anymore. We get grouped into stereotypic groups whether we like it or not. Even if we do not fit any particular stereotype we are already part of the “unusual stereotype” group. Birds of a feather will always flock together.

Indirectly, the twisted mindset of the society we live in forces us to live a white lie every day. The only way we might escape this is that we lead solitary lives. And people wonder why more and more people stay cooped up in their rooms, surfing and communicating over the net. And ignorant fools that we are we blame the advancement and misuse of technology.

But we accept this. Why? Because at the very core of our being we need approval. We need acceptance. We need affection. We need companionship and kinship. So much that some people go crazy craving for it. Some people get by using A.I. or animals. But others turn into psychopathic serial murderers.

Scary, no?

Friday, September 10, 2010

so tired

It's hard to keep up with my one post per week schedule when i come one all exhausted and all i want to do is lie on my bed and sleep.

+ it's no easier when all i do during work is to get sudden inspirations of what to blog about, what to write in my stories (that i'm still working on), how i'd like to draw the stuff that i've saved in the computer... - just to forget ALL about them when i finally get off work and is too tired to rack my brains for what i had thought about earlier in the day.


ah well.