Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life so far...

For the record... i have SIX assignments lined up deadline on thursday.

NOTES for SIX subjects lining up to be printed.

PREPARATION work for an upcoming trip to Pulau Bidong (A must for ALL first year students in UMT) where i heard the trip is fun (YAY!!!) but the living conditions are... err... heh.

shall break my lifetime ban of not uploading pics of myself on the net and upload pics of my stay in Pulau Bidong when i return from there...

oh. which reminds me.

I'M GONNA GET A NEW CAMERA!!!! *jumps around in exitement*

Friday, July 04, 2008

Reporting Live...... from TERENGGANU!!!!

i know i havent updated in a while.....

not my fault...

went to terengganu on saturday... and since then there has been stuff to do non stop.


haiz..................... anyway for the past week i was in orientation in UMT. class doesn't start till next week. everyday since i've been here i woke up at 6am and slept at 1am (average. sometimes even later)

maybe i'll post some pic/vids if my dad brings the camera + cable to terengganu. until then.... eh... what else to write? dunno.

except for the very BIG difference of weekends here.