Thursday, April 05, 2012

Types of people in the world

In my own really selfish way of living and finding joy and happiness in living out this life, I find that the only way to do so and find self-satisfaction is to master the art of being evil, and to control the extent of how badly you can treat other people who doesn’t know how to control themselves.

It’s confusing. I know. But I’m not one who knows how to explain things well in terms understandable by the general public, so just let me rant on even if none of these makes any sense whatsoever.

Anyway, my theory is, there are the good guys, the guys who pretend to be good, bad guys, and then there are the bad guys who are good guys in disguise.

1. The good guy

The person who is nice, kind, tolerant and generally a saint to all the types of humans described above. So when someone does something wrong, this person forgives them and even thinks of logical, rational excuses why such people need to do such mean behaviours. Once in a while is good, but once this person starts to be unable to handle the selfish and inconsiderate behaviour of others, they will slowly build unneeded unhappiness and stress everytime they try to figure out why the heck people have to treat them badly, take advantage of them, blah blah, etc.

Professions suitable for such personalities: Anything that requires dealing with customers/clients/people over 50% of the time. Such as nurses, doctors, teachers, lecturers, and customer service.

2. The guys who pretend to be good

These people are in fact, people who are rotten in the inside, and put on a nice mask to lead society into believing that they are actually good and kind people. Their target is mostly the good guys as mentioned above, as being easily trusting, they are able to get these good people to do their bidding using nice words. So these guys live easy, having other people do stuff and ultimately take credit for it.

Professions suitable for such personalities: Con man, Sales agent, Insurance agent, anything that requires someone to trust you long enough to give you money and then disappear from their lives forever.

3. The bad guys

These people are bad. And the good thing is they are not afraid to show it. The bad thing however is that there IS a reason as to why they are not afraid to show it. They are so obviously evil that to prevent people from having a chance to avoid them, they strike fast, and hard, and some of the time, fatally. People generally end up hoping to meet the wolves that pretend to be sheep rather than the true wolves themselves since the consequences normally is less physically damaging.

Professions suitable for such personalities: Mafia, robbers, theives… you get my meaning.

4. The bad guys that are good guys in disguise

I want to believe that the world is full of these people. But the thing is I don’t run into them, and it’s like there’s a oversaturation of pure bad people and good people in the space I exist in. But then of course the bad guys who pretend to be good are normally elusive and could possibly be easily miscalculated as one of the pure good aquaintances that I know. Anyway, these people are like mirrors. They’d mirror the type of whatever the person they’re dealing with is. Which is easy if the target is a good person. But the key point is that these people are able to be worse bad guys than the bad guys they meet and then emerge from the interaction “victorious”. In a sense that they can let go of whatever the bad stuff that is thrown at them and bear no malice, but is able to find it in their hearts to take revenge at the first chance they get. You know, to be fair. So in short, these people are good to good people, and bad to bad people.

Professions suitable for such personalities: I don’t know. Because of the amazing adaptability of these people, the possibilities are endless as well. LOL.

Disclaimer: This “analysis” has no scientific research background whatsoever, except by the extremely limited number of samples that were taken from the human population in a very confined area. So there is no accuracy assured with the above text and is basically generally unloading of rants by someone that is not at all satisfied with the number of bad people and also with the number of good people that needlessly put up with the evil antics of bad people pretending to be good.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Publika (Solaris Dutamas)

So one fine saturday I kidnapped two people that I’ve not seen in little over a year (i think) and began a road trip to this place:


Publika, or better own to my Ovi GPS as Solaris Dutamas, which is essentially the same place, anyway. Oh and by the way, for the lack of self taken pictures, all pictures seen on this post has been taken without proper consent from whoever it was that captured them in the first place.

First off, the distance wasn’t too bad, it was just like a drive to MV, just slightly more confusing drive and toll fees included. Oh and I should add that I have no idea this place existed two weeks prior and my nokia got us here. Anyway, I suppose what’s different about the place (besides it being totally new and unheard of) is that the designers/landscapers/what-do-you-call-these-people(?) are reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllly random people. They apparently think that putting random chair looking objects around the mall is a great idea and did just that. It’s… artistic, in a really really abstract way. But to give them credit it does make the place more fun.

Oh and since it’s so new and unheard of, the place was comfortably filled with people with the nearest group normally 2-3 meters away, sometimes more ^^ imagine that happening in Pyramid, or MV on a weekend! It’s the prefect place to go walk around with people you kidnapped in a mall for the day and not get stressed by humans walking 2 inches away from each side of you. (Source of trauma: Some weekend some time ago in MV).

I like this place. The eccentric art pieces lying around pretending to be chairs is a plus and a great conversation topic every now and then. Oh and there was this earth day thing going on, so there were like recycled robots everywhere. Such as this:


I regret that the mother of this kid did not take the epic recycled thing that looked like a robot (most likely cause it was too hideous) with huge cone shaped boobs. Seriously, it explains why some time ago there was a big commotion about not allowing people to wear clothes that “pokes eyes”. That robot COULD and WOULD poke people’s eyes out given the right reason and height.

But basically what I got from their earth day campaign (whoever was running it) was the idea to use trash to make more trash. Hence, reusing the trash. Oh well, people seem to enjoy this concept of protecting the earth so I’ll just let it slide. Like this quote I’ve seen somewhere:

Humans are the only creatures that would chop down trees, make paper out of them, and then write “SAVE OUR TREES” on aforementioned paper


Oh and the only thing I dislike about this place was the apparently stylish concept from the same eccentric designers/landscapers/architects/whatever-you-call-these-people(?) of a transparent roof so that we can apparently see the stars/watch it rain/sun bathe/whatever.


Now if I wanted to expose my pupils to the great wonders of the midday sun, I’d go OUTdoors. But I’m INdoors and I expect INdoor lighting and atmosphere, and I expect artificial sunlight. LOL. Anyway, that’s just me. If it WERE night I suppose it’d be cool if we could see the stars and stuff. XD

But we went there in the day. So.

I don’t like sun.

On a side note: (this wasn’t supposed to be a side note but this post got too damn long) I really enjoyed myself that day. XD Ooh and there’s the carpark! Empty with ample parking space ^^ but the autopay, not so good. Why can’t there be a machine on every floor? Or signs that point to the machine instead of a map on the other side that marks the location of the machine?