Sunday, June 13, 2010


i KNOW lar you guys are worried and think that I came back too early but CAN you stop making it sound like my month here is a total waste of time and its like i DID NOTHING at all here but shake legs? You think I very happy ar my samples all unavailable because they are too smart to get caught in fishermen's nets? You think I tak sakit hati ar when supposedly if everything went to plan i was supposed to be half finished but now not even ONE treatment has begun? I have only THIS much patience and tolerance has NEVER been my strong suit. There's a freaking limit to listening to "So how is your project? Haven't start ah? Then what for you go back so early? So what have you done in the month you went back?" especially when it's in that freaking annoying tone. You make it sound like my entire month staying here was totally useless and worthless. I'm getting bloody hell tired, kay? Don't blame me when i dread picking up the phone when i see it's a call from that side when i used to look forward to it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lite N' Easy

I've finally realized why i listen to Lite FM. Its actually not for the music cuz i can take music from Fly, Hitz and whatever just as well. (although i still have zero tolerance for indian and malay stations. chinese station i can stand until the DJs start talking, which normally is after 2 minutes).

I know Lite FM is famous for playing songs from the 80s, which most people from my age group doesn't listen to. but it's not pure oldies people! the essence of the station is that it plays soothing songs - and no i'm not trying to promote the station here.

The thing is, today, after many days lacking sleep hours, i finally thought i was able to sleep in today (until lunch maybe). But NOOO~ some kambing wanted to take the key that i had borrowed for the weekend (booked under MY NAME, nonetheless) and the person in charge woke me up.

WTH??!! If you bloody hell KNEW you wanted to go today then YESTERDAY would be a great time to give some advance notice that you wanted me to go to campus and pass the key over to you right??

I need to key NOW, he says. What, you think I LIVE in the office kah? You think i own a jet kah? You think i ada Jaguar sebuah kah? Or you think I'm the royalty who owns the road and can run past traffic lights to campus in 5 minutes kah? Oh I know lar! You thought i drive ambulans or police car people will bloody give way to me!!!

I'm waiting at the main office, he says. then i went there, spent 5 minutes looking at the places i thought he'd be, and didn't find him. then i called him, he said he was waiting in his car, parked at god knows where and that he'd come find me. Okay la, so i went back to my car. then 10 minutes later he said he couldn't find me and FINALLY told me where the exact location of his car was with the bloody number plate.

the thing is i already seen the car before i called him, but no one was inside. would it kill you to tell me the number plate of your car in the FIRST conversation? What? You takut when I see you in the car alone I will gather kaki to rob you kah?

What I'm trying to say is, Lite N Easy keeps my temper in check. If I was listening to any other station this morning I probably be in a worse mood now. (especially Hitz tends to like to play rap music, which i REALLY detest.)

Oh well. Music soothes the savage beast, they say. ^^

Thursday, June 03, 2010


My mood swings are on the verge of coming back.

noooo..... go away!