Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ah. It’s been more than a week since I last posted anything! God. Time flies, doesn’t it? Oh well.

I wanted to continue on my blog series but I think I’ll abandon that for now, cuz that’ll take WAY too much time, and I think I’m having writer’s block at the moment.

Not much is going on, besides that fact that I’ve convocation in two months, unable to find a job that will take me out of here and shifting house (yet again ==ll). Well at least I’ve managed to find a job to get by these first (not of many, I hope) few months.

Nothing is going according to plan, but that’s expected. If everything goes well for people like me then there would be no countless surveys asking wth m’sian grads are frequently unemployed.

Then there’s the thing with money. Even though we are fresh grads, even though we are jobless, and even though we do not have independent means of income, the stupid uni for god knows what reason keeps on badgering us for money.

We have to pay to graduate?? WTH?

Wasn’t the THREE YEARS of yuran we paid you enough???

When a letter bearing the uni’s official stamp was delivered I was like:

Yay, finally I get the itinerary to the upcoming convocation.
Then I spotted a red colored paper inside. I thought:
wow, so thoughtful. They even included an invitation card.


Turns out it was a note asking for our graduation fee.

My GOD. Use RED some more. You think you are loan shark meh??

Then few days later the second letter arrived, I thought: Oh, so got itinerary one lar?

To my dismay it was just my final semester transcript and…

…wait for it…

YET ANOTHER form asking for money, this time it was “optional”, asking if I would like my certificates laminated at 3x the market price.

I didn’t want to pay it.

Then my mom said,

never mind lar, let them laminate, then at least if they rosakkan your cert they will ganti.


Ceh. I don’t wanna stay here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Role Models

I guess I never really thought of this but, who did I pick, consciously or subconsciously, as my role model?

What makes a role model? What makes someone choose a role model? Everyone’s role model is different. And when you look closely, those who chose the same role models almost always have the same personality. In short, birds of a same feather flocking together. Same species will seek out and idolize their own species. It’s as simple as that.

It is my theory that although you may not be anything alike with your role model, something latent in you tells your subconscious that you have a potential to grow into the shape of that person; and therefore unconsciously your role model is chosen for you because you have that hidden personality in you that you want to bring to the surface.

Ahh… I wanted to write about my various role models here but when I got started on the first one I couldn’t continue anymore. How I considered that person as a role model is much too personal to be blurting it out like this and I imagine the rest would be somewhat the same like this. So I guess I’ll settle with thanking silently all those that I considered to be my role models. They made me who I am today, well, bits and pieces of them anyway.

I didn’t want to spoil the mood in the beginning, but seeing that I’ve already spoiled the mood in the above paragraph, I just wanted to say.

OMG. I’ve abandoned this blog for THREE months!


Peace out. ^^