Wednesday, April 22, 2009

why the heck am i feeling so goddamn bored?!

i have a test tomorrow afternoon. its the LAST one for THIS SEMESTER!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHA

no. i don't think i studied enough to pass the goddamn test.

but i'm too bored to study.

this is my genetic principles paper with i know i'm not going to get flying colors for. cuz the colors are all too dead to fly.

i pretended to be turning off my phone (which btw we are NOT supposed to bring into the exam hall) and snapped this pic.
i'm just really, REALLY bored. exams do that to people sometimes.

now THIS is a really bored face.

i can't go home yet. i need to take another test for my SCUBA license after the exams so i'll only be back on the morning of labour day.

then i'll be in town for 3 weeks before returning to the jungle for SEATRU.

then a 10day break which i'm still decided whether or not i'll be goin back before my 11 day field trip in pulau pinang.

then another 2 week break before the sem reopens and i'm also debating whether to escape the jungle and hitchhike back to town.


oh well.. shall think of it summore when my brain re-functions again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Field Trip yet again.

yes. this course i'm in is MADE out of field trips. this time to pulau pinang. (no not the northern one, the one near pulau redang in the marine park).
according to the experienced (seniors) there are easy 'educational' field trips, and 'exhausting work your ass off' field trips.
this is the 'dead tiring but no time to sleep' type.

anyway the point of this pst is that we were divided into groups, and that my friend got elected as group leader.
me: eh you better treat the members properly during the field trip or else we mutiny against you only you know.
WB (water bucket) : hah? what you all gonna do la. we're on a pulau.

me: Exactly. nobody can go help you if we decide to drown/kill you in the middle of the ocean.
WB: ya hor. then when lecturer notice my absence how?
me: aih just tell here you busy doing 'goup leader' stuff somwhere la.
WB: yeah then on the way back suddenly see something red floating in the ocean.

me: yes. we'll wonder why a UMT life jacket is doing in the middle of the ocean and blame you.
WB: wait. no la. that tme monsoon right? i'll probably be carried by the currents back to the jeti already. then you all see a rotting mass of flesh on the beach when you get back.
me: not like you got a lot of flesh to rot away right? by the time we get there only your clothes will remain la. *points* how come that thing with the life jacket is wearing clothes that look like WB's one hah?
WB: ...
me: then sekali people inspect the skeleton they'll be like 'eh? this look like monkey la! how come monkey wearing human clothes and know how to put on life jacket?'
WB: oh. this is where they forget i exist and go conduct experiments on the corpse right?
me: yeah.

this is WB

forgive my boredom ranting. just got off one lousy paper with one LAST major paper to go on 23th.


brain not finctioning well.