Saturday, December 31, 2011

Water Dragon Year 2012

Enter the year of the dragon, the year in which almost all of my friends are born in, and in which most of my friends are experiencing for the third time or more. For lack of ideas in which to better start of my post, I present to you SOHMA HATORI – the Dragon of Fruits Basket ^^

dragonOne of my first favourite male characters – Fruits Basket being one of the first animes I’ve been introduced to XD

Tomorrow will also be the first year I will be entering armed with a resolution. Although calling it a “resolution” might be inappropriate as it looks more like one of those “100-things-to-do-before-you-die” lists.

It’s quite short at the moment, but as it’s a list, and me being a greedy human being, no doubt I’ll be adding more things for me to try to accomplish. Haha~

A couple of those would be to write and draw more, a past time of mine that I’ve unknowingly put on hiatus for almost 5 years – the year since I left my alma mater.

Looking back, there are many things I stopped doing since that time. And I believe, by doing so, I left my soul there, causing me to cease possessing some human-like values. Hee.

I’m lucky enough to have some people teach me how to be human again, haha, and with that I remember how it used to be – how I used to be 5 years back.

This time I’m not letting it go. Not ever again.

Oop! On a lighter note, the next year being my first to have a resolution, I am determined to see it through. Wikipedia says that only 22% of the human population manage to complete their resolutions, but I’m not stupid enough to believe that my will is strong enough at the moment to allow me to complete EVERYTHING on my list.

So at some point when I was drafting this resolution of mine, the first item reads “To complete at least 80% of list”. It doesn’t seem like such a huge number then, but as I am typing it now, doubts are arising that 80% is going to be a tall order. (Sign of my already weakening will, perhaps? haha.)

Anyway, this post has been long enough. To those going to battle out their resolutions in the New Year like me, let’s work hard!

And to everyone else:
NamiRobinChopper1Unrelated: Few of my favourite characters in an anime I’m following – and also one of my sources for inspiration this New Year, I hope! ^^

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I think because I ridicule god too much, that’s why it derives joy and enacts revenge by playing with my head.

Why else would this company be able to choose the worst possible timing to present their job offer to me?

If I were to work for them, it would be only for the salary, as I do not see myself learning anything or staying there forever if there is another option.

To put it simply, this offer is like a bird – a chicken, which allows itself to be captured ONLY when there are other more tempting species flitting around in the bush.

If the animals in the bush are non-existent, this stupid avian creature disappears from sight as well.

Two weeks ago when I made my decision to just be satisfied by this common fowl, and ignore those more to my interest that were just beyond my grasp in that imaginary bush, the goddamned chicken was nowhere to be found.

Despite my best efforts to locate the animal, it remained elusive. Now that I’ve regained some confidence and set my sights on the more magnificent prizes in the bush, this chicken has returned, presenting itself in a cage.

I have yet to accept it.

Because this time, I REALLY want that eagle in that bush.

But harsh reality speaks to me. That eagle, being such a wanted and magnificent creature, is truly hard to capture.

This chicken would make me live a mediocre and money-chasing life.

But this chicken has always been playing with my head.

And now it’s walking towards that bush, but a leash trails behind it. Telling me that its way easier to capture compared to that sought after eagle.