Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year, New Tidings

Chinese New Year is minutes away and so far I’m keeping to my resolution pretty well for the past 3 weeks (lagging in some items, but pretty good overall ^^)

As usual, although before sitting here and typing these words I normally have this HUGE rush of ideas of what to write, but when I actually find the time to sit in front of the screen and start typing, nothing comes to minds anymore.

Erm. Well, the Eagle has taken the bait and it’s digesting it for some three months. And for this reason also I am currently restricted to my rights of freedom of speech, so to this effect please expect more metaphors that I will only be able to explain verbally in person. XD

Also, recently I’ve realized that after staying in Sabah for two months plus, I’ve grown really attached to the way Sabahans speak their malay. So much that now when I speak malay I don’t like using “I” or “You” in place of “aku” and “ko”. The only thing I don’t use would be the suffix “-bah”

This is weird as I do like to speak in rojak language when I’m with people who understand all the four languages I do.

I wonder why. Maybe I just like to use bahasa baku. XD

But I don’t have qualms when people use “kl malay” as they call it.

I try to post a relevant picture in my posts for this year (be it literal or metaphorical) but its late and I need to sleep.

So yeah. ^^

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do Dreams Come True?

I don’t normally remember my dreams, but maybe this one stuck to my head due to three things:

1. I was driving.

2. I misplaced my car.

3. The person I asked for directions gave me a very “memorable” answer.

So I was driving down a highway, (heading for home, I suppose – I don’t remember) then came a toll booth that instructed Touch N’ Go users to go up a long green flyover – which I did.

Then after the toll I looked for a way to go back down, and it turns out the place led to a HUGE shopping mall with an equally HUGE parking area.

And so for some reason I parked my car and walked into the mall, and subsequently got myself lost.

I tried asking for directions from this bangla in the food court, and he said he didn’t know the way. So I wandered around and found a Maxis centre. The woman inside seemed to know something but couldn’t tell me. Then she said:

“When we worked here, they told us this was the ONLY PLACE THAT EXISTED”

Nevertheless I must have looked so confused that she wrote something on a poster and showed it to me – directions, I suppose, cause I  remember going to the carpark later.

Trouble was I had forgotten where I parked my car and had to wander around again searching for it. I was still searching for it when an incoming call woke me up.

Crap. This is definitely ONE dream I don’t want coming true.



In another somewhat related note: The Eagle is chewing on the bait.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Eagle Vs Chicken

Nope. I don’t think the chicken, and its stupidly enticing and dangling leash, wants anything else to do with me anymore.

Haha~ I think I ignored that leash for too long~

Anyway, I think the eagle likes me. ^^


Here’s hoping to the capture of the eagle.