Wednesday, August 18, 2010

English for Occupational Purposes

There’s a course I have to take in my studies called English for Occupational Purposes. One of the assignments in this course is to read motivational and self improvement books. So this is what my friend read:

Which got me thinking of him:

"My name is mooojo-JOJO!" XD

I used to think that he’s really cute when I watched the powerpuff girls back then. The redundant way he talks is really entertaining. Really liked listening to him talk. ^^

"I do not talk like that! The way I communicate is much different. I do not reiterate, repeat, reinstate the same thing over and over again. I am clear, concise, to the point!"

Ahha. The irony. Another example. XP

"I, Mojo Jojo, am your master, and you shall obey my commands like the dogs you are! Because I am your master, it is I who you will obey! Obeying commands is what you’ll do! I will give you commands, and you will obey them!"

Anyway for some reason I have always liked the villains better than heroes in any show that I watched. Wonder why.

However there IS a condition. The villain cannot be a hero in disguise (e.g. I’m doing this in order to let you have the chance to be the hero… etc) I find it irritating if a good guy pretends to be a bad guy and then when he is defeated, he reveals everything that he’d done was for the good of everyone like he’s the person who sacrificed the most. It’s like a call for attention, wanting the whole world to sympathize with you and hail you as a god for your sacrifice for humankind.

Wth. If you wanna be a villain then be a villain la weh. For example, in Harry Potter books I initially liked Malfoy until JK Rowling started writing him up as a wimpy character. ==ll

Haih. So dissapointed. I started disliking how the series started to twist after the fourth book. And the ending in the last installment? Yeah. I hate it.

Back to topic, despite saying I hate two faced characters, I like daredevil and batman wor. They are those kinds of heroes that have this dark past that wronged them but still manage to turn out good while their past still haunts them.

Must be because they only come out at night. Other superheroes work mostly in the daylight (as if night takde crime) and they fight supernatural monsters. The difference is that this two, they don't have super-strength or super-speed or whatever. They are humans, they fight humans, and they use human-trained techniques.

These two bring forward the message "When there's a will, there's a way" instead of heroes like superman whose message is, i suppose, something like this, "I can do this because I, and ONLY I, have the power beyond what a normal human can reach. So kids, don't do this at home!"

Aiya, this post has nothing to do with the title, has it? Haih, the way my brain leads sometimes is so goddamn random. lol.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gender Equity

A friend said the other day:

I don’t understand why some guys want to undergo operation and become girls. Being a guy is great what.”

To which I replied, “You can’t see it that way, some girls also undergo the same thing to be guys what. Being a girl is not half bad either.”

In hopes of closing the topic. Fail.

That’s because being a guy is really great ma!”

Then he went on commenting on how great guys are and what they could do without the inconveniences girls often have. I prefer not to go into detail.

At that moment I was at lost for words. For the love of the devil I could not think of a single thing to defend females, to think of things girls could do that guys couldn’t.

It’s an equal world today, where guys can sometimes do things that are associated with females far better than the latter, and vice versa.

The one way conversation emphasized a lot on the natural strength guys have. To which, yes, I agree. The strongest female on earth may just be a little stronger than the above average guy. But then again, that same female would be ridiculed by guys for the muscles she built in training.

As I listened to his rant, I realized again that, despite the whole gender equity thing, there are still many people who hold on to male superiority.

Also the reminder that when these people see others, the first thing that registers in their mind is “Oh, she’s a girl. Oh, he’s a guy.”

For one thing when I see a person, its gender is far, far below my train of thought. I, for some unknown reason, do not care. I may not even think, “Oh, right, he’s a guy” until someone role calls for guys to stand in front and females to stand behind or something like that. I see you, I see a human. I see an ‘it’. Period.

I admit, yes, guys are stronger. So what? That’s about the ONLY thing they have an edge over females. In terms of intellect and other things, it’s still pretty much a far fight. Things traditionally associated with either gender do not limit us now, girls can be mechanics and guys can be tailors for goddamn sakes. The limitations and boundaries are GONE, merged into an unidentifiable mess.

I can’t really argue this anymore because I will contradict myself.

I’m not saying that females are better than males or vice versa. I’m not saying I disagree, but I don’t agree either.

But what I’m really saying is that, to hell with gender differences and all that. You do not go around saying or thinking, “Hey, I’m better than you because I’m born a guy”. No. If you ARE better, it’s purely because you are a better PERSON than the other. It has NOTHING to do with your goddamn gender.

Monday, August 02, 2010

One fine morning at the hatchery...

Okay. So before I begin my story, put this picture in your mind. A guard house, and next to it a shaded pondok of sorts where three cars can be parked.

So every morning I have to go and wash my tanks in the hatchery and that day was no different. As I was returning the key from the hatchery to the guard house one rainy day, I passed by the pondok and noticed a moving umbrella. Then only did I notice some guy standing behind the umbrella. Okay so it wasn’t really sunny but the area wasn’t that dark either, but the skin colour of the guy standing behind the umbrella was so dark that it looked just like the shadows behind him. I couldn’t even see his face properly, just his legs and that also was hard to look at – being blended into the background so much.

I ignored him and walked on, thinking that he was some person hiding from the rain.

No, the point wasn’t his skin colour. Read on.

I returned the key to this young male guard, (normally its one of those older looking ones but that day the young one was on duty so, yeah.) before heading to my car parked a couple of meters away. As I was unlocking my car, I heard the yelling from some guy. It was a deep throaty yell, like the barking of a dog or roaring of some animal. (my back was turned towards the yell so at first I thought some wild animal escaped into campus O.O)

The yelling startled me and I saw that guard screaming and shouting like come crazy person. Then he ran out flinging a chair around. At that point I started to be afraid – eh, some guy yelling and screaming like he was dirasuk combined with a chair (possible weapon) running out weh!

I panicked and quickly stood behind my car, ready to run (the idea of simply driving off didn’t hit yet) then I saw the guard pointing at something in the pondok admist all the shouting and yelling. Initially when I looked in that direction I didn’t see anything so I was half convinced this guy was hallucinating or something. Then I heard another voice shouting in response to the guard’s yells.
Only THEN did I notice the guard was pointing at that black guy I ignored earlier. Turns out underneath the umbrella he was only wearing a colourful piece of string like a belt.


What startled me more was the guard yelling lo. (seriously like so madman/animal yang dirasuk)

Not the flasher.