Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of Langkawi and Annual Dinners

i'm not supposed to be doing this... but after two weeks of hectic non-stop deadlines and stressful atttempts to honor those said deadlines i think i deserve a break.


anyway a quick post on my langkawi trip. supposedly field trip but it sorta came up to be a chocolate smuggling event for most of my coursemates... whuddya believe some of them spent RM300++ just on chocolates??!! o.O

upon our arrival we were ushered to a really unbelievably money making thief of a tourist trap. this.
look at those roti canai!! unappetizing, expensive and horrible looking!! ugh! they were lucky we were really hungry after our bus trip. anyway skip to the first destination... after a short briefing we were ushered into UNDERWATER WORLD LANGKAWI for a longer briefing.

since it was so goddamn long and we were so goddamn bored and we were in a 3D movie theatre wearing 3D glasses...

i find this REALLY REALLY nice picture of horses. WAH SO SPIRITED!!!!

as we WERE on a educational field trip, i took pictures of educational things also la. don't ask me to post. very boring one. but this fella looks as if it was posing for the camera so i decided to post this one. ^-^

see. so cute right.

although it says UNDERWATER on the sign it had this snake guy asking people to take pictures with his snake. i thought "what the heck, RM10 only ma..." and proceeded to drag my friends to take pictures.

these... arent the actual pictures (actual pictures look so much better oh) but they couldn't gimme the soft copy so i took some with my own camera. in the end the pak cik was SO sporting he discounted the pictures at RM8 per piece.

so nice la the uncle.

sad news is we were so intent on smuggling as much chocolates as we could from the shops beside UWL the bus left us. we, being bored, did this.

this was taken in front of the chocolate shop and i think the staff inside were cursing us for chasing away their customers. (o.o"). anyway we found another means of transport (rent van) TWO hours later and managed to get to our accomodation before it got dark.

eh not our fault okay. even our lecturer got stuck behind with us. STUPID bus driver punya pasal.

the next day we went to LANGKAWI BIRD PARADISE. (or so it says la BIRD paradise on the sign). inside ah, got monkey la, mousedeer la, this la.
makes you wonder if they actually starve the animals to make them so goddamn eager for food. (no la, we saw staff distributing food also... but maybe insufficient amount? hmmm...)

of course there was birds and there were many pictures taken for future report writing reference (which reminds me, have to pass up next week). one of the less formal ones.
of our return to UMT nothing really significant happened besides the fact that Goatee, being the natural annoying idiot that he is, banged salty fish with a luggage trolley.

you how how heavy that thing is?

and he banged the sharp point on his ankle at somewhat full force. dah la he is VERY not thin. of course got alot of stored energy right.

kesian salty fish.

end of langkawi report. next up. our bioM annual dinner.

i went to the annual dinner.

normal people dressed like this:

i on the other hand went like THIS:

haha.... sorry for the disappointment i caused to my coursemates who was looking forward to see me in something other than pants, as they later stated. ^-^ maybe next sem.

to say many pictures were taken that night is nothing less than an understatement. but as i'm so free right now i'll put up one.

most of the night pictures are yellowish due to the lack of light and my camera's low light settings. the rest i'm gonna upload on facebook. someday.

all of these are taken from MY camera. there were OTHER people with cameras and pictures in them but i havent found the time to take the pictures from their machines yet.

wait la. not free now. as of now, i bid you farewell. until next post. XD
my hair has gotten so goddamn long. gonna cut it when i go back.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random rant. Pay NO attention whatsoever to the contents.

i’ve always been an introvert. Ever since i could remember I had been wary of people.

yes. Even family members. Cept maybe my mom.

I’ve always gotten along better with animals compared to humans. Even for drawing, I started by drawing non-human objects (i.e. animals). I absolutely HATED drawing human beings when I was young.

I only started liking drawing humans when I got into anime tho. Then when I created my own characters, they could never stay human. They’d be supernatural beings (i.e demons, werewolves, vampires, etc). but thinking of it now I’ve been demonizing my drawings of animals even before I started drawing humans so it kinda makes sense, no?

I was never the get up and talk to people type. The first friend I made in primary school was due to my mom’s influence. Then the first friend I made in assunta was also because she sat right next to me. At that time I remember I felt really, really awkward, with the new surrounding, new school new people and all.

And also the stupid lembik tie my dad got me which looked REALLY weird.

He got me a better one later so, he’s been forgiven.

The first friend in seafield was ALSO because she sat next to me. Heh. 5 years down the road you’d think I’d be better at human communication at form 6.

But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………..

I wasn’t.

My friend once said I have this before friend, after friend face.



And she says I still do.

I’m rarely responsive to people I don’t know that well. I just sit there and listen until they turn their attention to me or I get the courage to talk to them.


Then as I get closer to a person, somehow I get further away. Like, I start to feel difficulty calling out their actual names. I space out. Its like I’ve unconsciously built an inner wall that blocks me from outside.

Is this my unconscious self being the extreme introvert? I want me to isolate myself and be friendless all my life izit??!


Its not like I regret having friends. I love my friends. Its just that at times I do stuff that I’d regret later to them and I never have the courage to apologize.

I think I’m afraid of humans.

I think I’ve psychological problems.

I think I’m on the verge of insanity.

I know I need a psychologist who does not know me.

Like maybe one coming from the other end of the world.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Some of these days I feel like a goddamn vampire. (I must be reading too much of Twilight but anyhow…) I went out of my room the other night and the breeze was fantastic. Totally different than going out during the day. All sun and no wind.

They wanna goddamn roast us in Terengganu izit?

It’s during those nights when I REALLY, REALLY WISH we had all night classes instead. And sleep the day away.

This actually reminded me of a short story I read years ago “the valley of the blind”. For those who don’t know it’s about a secluded place surrounded by mountains and it’s very difficult for people to get in or out. So anyway a genetical disease made the people there all blind and the descendants lived that way not knowing anything or anything related to sight.

They thought birds were angels and etc. but important thing is, since their world was darkness anyway, they slept in the morning when it was warm and worked at night when it was cool. Sensible right? But not practical for us.


We have sight. More specifically we NEED sight. So if we slept the day away and worked at night in total darkness, we’d turn on all the lights and stuff. Waste of electricity. Already we aren’t conserving enough although we sleep at night, then we wanna waste summore by changing our lifestyle hah? Whatever la.

If we all change our lifestyles like this, the end of the world will come sooner.

But I STILL really wish I don’t have to be barbequed while walking to campus every morning tho.

I’m already medium rare.

update on langkawi trip will happen as soon as i organize my pics and assignments for the trip.


i hope.