Friday, May 22, 2009

A Dota Chat Story

My brother was playing dota the other day and I was watching. The following conversation happened. Part of it I ask brother to type one. Like the Japanese reference.

anyone familiar with dota should understand the terms. if not then just skip on to the chat.

The_sniperguy(Kunka) <--brother Void and Raijin I forgot their real name so whatever la. They pelakon sambilan only. Situation: the scourge which originally had 3 members are left with one after two left the game so Traxex kept urging of one of the sentinels (4 people) to switch to scourge to even out the game. so it would be 3v2 instead of 4v1.

Traxex: not fair?! 4v1?
Traxex: I not gonna play on Malaysia room anymore

Kunka: u not from Malaysia? Then where u from?

Traxex: I am a Filipino.

Void: Im Filipino too
Raijin: Im Korean

Kunka: I am Japanese

Traxex: I am a Japanese gurl

Kunka: not fair to switch

Traxex: y not fair?

Kunka: u already level 18
(The rest was in the lvl11 - 13 range, so wat i meant was that if one went over, the two person tag team with a seriously outleveled player would be unfair)

Traxex: no im level 21
Traxex: what age
Traxex: I want ur age
(i saw the level 5 mins ago so the info abit outdated, but mana tau the fella suddenly ask for age)

Kunka: I am 89 <--my bro did this himself

Traxex: u know Im only 13? And I kill you so many times

Kunka: old man hand slow mah. When I young my hand faster
Kunka: when I young I so pro

-game end-

Traxex never gave a reply and my bro already quit the program. Me and my sister was in the room and we were laughing our heads off. Then my sister said

“You know, if really 89 years ago there's no computer?”

Me: “By right there’s no dota 89 years ago also. No la logically younger no need so many years back. 86 years old also younger ma.”

“Logically yeah Japanese live longer and got better technology so maybe really got computer 89 years ago.”

Me: …

“Imagine the 13 year old year crying to the mother mummy mummy you know I kill a 89 year old man in dota so many time? But he win me in the end and he say he pro when he young”

Me: “Yeah the mother will say hah 89 years ago got computer ah?”

Maybe the 13 year old really believe it. You know la. Kids today are so gullible and have no common sense whatsoever.

That traxex fella was reallyreallyreally rude btw.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pyramid outing

Today i went pyramid with my kid siblings.

What happened was:
Random walk
Window shop
Get hungry
Eat Pizza
Play basketball in arcade
Be very very tired
Go home

So my main point here is, during the window shopping slot i found this.

Its like saying:

hey i'm for sale! bring me back? *puppy eyes*

person steps forward for purchase...

*evil stare* dont touch me!

i mean, whats the point of this ironic advertisement??!! you wanna sell that thing or not?

make up ur mind la!

Friday, May 01, 2009


just arrived home.

FINALLY read the newspaper after being cut off from any form of informative media for one week and ter-slept in the process of trying to finish a week's worth of newspapers.

woke up. had lunch. rejoiced at looking at my guitar and big fat cat.

my cat is so goddamn big and fat compared to the ones back at UMT.

shall go bathe in a moment before going shopping.