Friday, December 20, 2013

Wrapping up....

Well. I have now been in Hawaii for approximately 3 months now. It has been fun for the most part and I really wish I could stay longer.  But doing so would be ungrateful as I shouldn't forget that my stay had already been extended for another month.

So time to just stuck it all up and absorb as much as I can, and hopefully I am able to maintain all that I am now, as well as further improve for the better.

I have a new set of goals now. Some that were carried forward, some that are building on previous goals and let's not forget some new ones.

With only weeks to go to the new year,  i'm just getting a head start on my goals for the next year and with a little drive, it is my aim to be able to accomplish these goals.

Serious post this time. More on fun stuff when the time comes in the future =)