Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am busy with several things. Highlight of the month would be my new pet culture Artemia sp. ^^ or in layman's terms the "SEA MONKEY". This variant is smaller than the commercial type cuz its supposed to be mini-sized, for fish larvae to eat. commercial types are bred to be bigger and more visible for ease for the owner's view.

ah my artemia is so cute...

On a more depressing note, test season is here. i have tests lined up everyday for the next week (3 days later) and i have not touched the lecture notes yet. ==ll

anyway, on a separate and happier note, i was in the mood to type stuff today so Part 1 of my new long-short story is done.

somehow i seem to be unable to construct short short stories. i end up being long winded and what i expected to be a three-four paragraph intro becomes a full length paged description.


anyway still figuring out how to use my fictionpress account so as soon as it is up i'll announce to the world.


Friday, January 08, 2010


People who knew me in my Assunta era would probably know that I have an interest in fiction and have written many - if unfinished works.

After I left, I guess that part of me stayed behind, for sentimental reasons, probably. And to tell the truth since then I never felt the urge to write anything anymore.

Through sudden inspiration I have decided to pick up that part of me that I have abandoned since then and continue writing stuff. One-shots, probably, since my long stories seem to be, well - too long with too many arcs and too little persistence on my part to see it through.

There ARE still those of you out there who will support me, right? XD

wonders if i should make an account on fictionpress or something to publish it... opinion?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Do us ALL a favour and just... haih.

Sometimes I wish some people would just drop dead and die. **** you all la. Just because you announce your feelings to every bloody tom dick and harry to know doesn’t mean that everybody else HAS to follow you bloody example okay?! And it doesn’t mean that these people who hide their feelings from the world, from YOU, do not feel any less than what you feel, okay?!

So for gods’ sake stop yer bloody bitching. You won’t know it but when I saw you I felt like throwing a jab at your face if it would just make you shut the bloody hell up. But it won’t and it would be a waste of my energy to dirty my fist on you so I didn’t.

On different note, some people can be so goddamn dense. If someone hints something to you so obviously that the entire world around you understands what the hint is about but apparently you don’t, its either you’ve got an empty space where your brain is supposed to be or you think the rest of us are idiots who doesn’t realize you are pretending not to understand.

When someone hints 10% of the situation to you, the LEAST anyone could do is to understand 40%. But YOU walk around understanding 0-1%. Dammnit. Damn you.

Aih. I’m just ranting. Ignore me.

In the middle of emo-ing, haha.

The happy happy posts will come later, I promise. And soon, I hope. =)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Random Note

really really really busy at the moment.

have lotsa things to do.

mountainloads of things happened too but no time.

later la ha.

ciao ^^ll