Thursday, June 14, 2012

Otter Thoughts (Early morning)

Woke up. Eyes opened. But so lazy to move. The other three hasn’t woken up yet. So bored. Oh! Good time to suck on other people’s ear. ^^

Didn’t go well. Got scolded and everyone woke up. Still dark, must be early. Keeper usually doesn’t appear until everything is bright. Besides, the door is silent.

Oooh! Rock! PLAY!

Why is she running so fast! Let’s play! Come back! CHASE!!!!!

Ooh! Log. Nice. Rub rub rub….

There is sound behind the door! GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!

The sound disappeared. So tired. Shall wait by the door.

Keeper is walking around. Why you no feed me???

Hey! That’s my rock!!! Give it back!!! Wait!!! Don’t run!!! Grrr!!!!!

Rock is boring. Rub on log…

The door opened!!!! GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!! Fish!!!! Gimme gimme gimme NOW!!!!!

There she goes again with the weird hand signals and whistle sounds… Okay i’m turning i’m turning… now gimme my fish!

How long does she want me to stay still and be quiet? WHISTLE!!!! FISH!!!! GIMMEGIMME!!!!

Keeper left through the mysterious door. Must investigate behind door someday. But so full. So sleepy…

This log feels so good… Rub rub rub….



watcha looking at?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wisdom teeth extraction

Okay, first things first.

It did not hurt. Well during the procedure anyways.

But it hurt like hell 6 hours after the surgery, and the day after I began looking like that rat down there on the right.


My dentist had warned me that people needed an MC day after the surgery so I had booked an appointment on my day offs on purpose. Scumbag gums did not think one day of rest was enough and proceeded to swell up and hurt so much that I had to take so much pain-killers that relaxed my muscles so much that all I could do was just not move and lie down all day.

The tooth on my upper jaw was normal enough, the dentist pulled it out in a matter of minutes. It was the lower one that was troublesome. Somehow in the years that it had been growing horizontally and abnormally, they managed to insert their roots long enough to reach the nerves. Plus, the right side, which were extracted, had roots shorter than those on the left.

Which would probably make it worse when they are gonna be pulled out two months later.

For now, I have to live the next few weeks eating liquid diets and soft foods.

Ah well.