Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Relax... Chill down...

okay so i was being an ungrateful brat just now. AND i made an idiot of myself. come to think of it marine biology is pretty cool. just that i never envisioned myself being a marine biologist (i just only found out that being one is somewhat like a aquatic vet if given the chance)

the course itself is pretty fun, i guess. but then agen most courses are. i just don't see bright job prospects for me yet someone told be that i neednt worry about that as i'll always be able to find $$ (o.O ookay...)

maybe i'll appeal for a switch of course in the second semester.

comments n suggestions n whatever please...

UWAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stress, frustration TOTAL MIND BLOCK*

checked the stupid website today. demanded for my angka giliran. didn't have it. called ten ppl to find out what was it. got it. entered site. site said no you entered wrong category. fed up. smsed. after 5 sms they sed top find out third week of june. fed up. tried site couple more times. fed up again. tried sms. got result...

my GOD i got UMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

didn't know what course yet from the code given but definately knew wasnt what i was hoping for. called fren to find out....

MARINE BIOLOGY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay so i DID apply for it so yeah... can't even appeal online cause its only for rejected ppl who didn't git anything.

i'll cool down for a bit first before i start being an idiot about this...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth!!! o.O

nothing much. saje wanna post on friday the 13th. that, and the fact that its been a week since i posted anything.

err... nothing new. still gettin' rejected by JPJ (hate level increase)
err... STILL hafta wait til third week of this month for my UPU result (hate level increase summore)
err... what else... me have no test therefore no driving license. (hate level for JPJ increase MAX)

oh well. thats it i guess. sorry for the broken engrish. i have bad grammar, i know. lol XD

sorry for the lame-ness of this as well.

i think i have fever...

Friday, June 06, 2008

arrgh.... go die la JPJ

i was actually supposed to take my driving test last wednesday but the stupid JPJ rejected my exam entry last minute. AFTER i put in 6 hours of practice! (but more practice is always good) anyway i think my next test is next week... aiya have to call and confirm...