Saturday, December 25, 2010


There’s less than a week left till the New Year, so this is probably the first, and the last post in December. For starters, the beginning of the month was officially started off with the rushing and completion of a 40% report which I took little over 12 hours to do (yeah, I’m bragging. Allow me this minor entertainment to myself XD)

Then the following week was used to “carefully” plan and to rush another project into completion. In order to do so I was up 8 to 8 everyday, spending the bulk of my time in labs and gloves, haha. And just in time I completed the experimental stage of my final year project and was able to return home few days earlier than expected: a trip that I was allowed to drive from KT up to Kuantan before drowsiness got ahead of me. (Planning to drive ALL the way back next time! This shall be my first objective of the New Year’s ^^)

Then came my BBQ party, which was really, really hectic. I like BBQs. Specifically, I like to sit at the BBQ area and BBQ stuff and not move. But that day I was so busy running around that I didn’t even have time to sit down for more than a few seconds T.T

Here I would like to thank the SS group that made themselves so helpful that day. Thanks a lot! If you guys weren’t there to provide free labor and entertainment I really don’t know how’d turn out. Also not forgetting those who attended XD

Immediately after was the trip to Sunway Lagoon, which was a blast, although we couldn’t find the obstacle course thingy in the Wet Park. Has it been demolished or something? I remember stumbling across it the first time I was there but for the three times after I’ve never managed to find it again. I certainly didn’t dream it, if that’s what anyone was wondering. == I have other supporters!! >.<

And then I drove my parents to LCCT (another great plus in this holiday ^^) and am due to fetch them back soon (YAY! More driving!).

Right now? I’m working on some stuff that may or may not be released to public, depending on the quality of the end product. And also, for the first time in… forever, am looking forward eagerly for those people in HEPA to FINALLY release my sem 5 results.

Shocking, no? I was never one to anticipate results of any kind. (Spoiler: more bragging) for one, when I was weak at a subject I’d suck at it, and I never gave my results a second glance other than to come to terms that I failed the goddamn paper. On the other hand, when I was good at a subject, I was GREAT, and therefore, knowing I was SO great, I did not have to wait for my results to know that I was gonna score the paper cause I was awesome like that ^^

Ah. I think I’m already bragging too much. Forgive me. Vanity can be so entertaining at times. Anyhow I’m waiting for my results basically cause I have NO idea what I’d get. Now I understand the feelings of my classmates back in school. I never did understand why they’d bug the teacher to grade their papers faster. And teachers would never get why I was so uninterested in my scores. Probably because I told them before to mark the papers slowly and don’t strain themselves for the sake of releasing the marks earlier. Haha.

Looking back. I think I was too laid back.

I still am. Just abit less, I guess.

Laid back is good. It’s relaxing. Peaceful. AND it doesn’t cause stress ^^

Peace good. Stress bad. XD