Saturday, April 30, 2011

Internship: Day 2

Aiya, dunno if for the next two months I will be so rajin or not everyday tulis satu post. Anyway. Today was fun, in a word. A bit more traffic since it was Saturday. Gonna be a huge crowd tmr but more on that later.

so I walked to work, took around 15mins but if I wanna take my time n enjoy then 20-25 mins earlier I need to leave la. Arrive d, start feeding the fish. Pellet throw here throw there nia, very boring. Then cut real fish for afternoon feeding. The fish all beku, very hard to take out. Cannot sekaligus dissolve all the ice also, cause nanti too soft also very hard to chop. Haih.

After that cuci aquarium se lo. The fish department ppl loghat Sabah VERY heavy, at first very hard to understand them but after a while okay d (I think) or else I’ll show blur face and they will laugh and repeat. Haha.

Then for the most part of the day I was assigned to take care of the “Touch and Feel” exhibit. I kept on reciting the same thing again and again to different people, some who appreciated it and some who don’t. for those who appreciated it then okay la, those who don’t will look at their watch, look at their wife, look at their kids, look and the entrance, and then when they look back at me their face will have the “can you stop talking to me” look. If got people like that then I cepat-cepat habiskan whatever I’m saying and don’t peduli them d lo.

The people I work with all very nice la, just the 3 orang putih bosses ada problem sikit. One haven’t work with him yet but he seems okay, One very scary until nak greet him pun kena think tiga kali, one never see her cause she in charge of paper work, but I like the way she talk, ada unsur-unsur sarcasm. But she’s really serious and work oriented so I can’t have a normal conversation with her. But since they are higher ups then I dowan to layan them so much la. Not that they are around often enough for me to layan also. ==ll

Okay, back to the huge >100 people crowd tomorrow. They’ll be coming in 4 groups, and I’m supposed to tell them about turtles and conservation. Reminder to self: Read up on turtle biology and conservation. I hope I don’t end up being a promoter for SEATRU, since I’m gonna wear the shirt and all. Actually I nak wear the TCC shirt de, but I’m not in charge of the terrapin section so whatever la. But maybe I should read up on terrapins, too. Just in case.

One thing I’ve learnt here is, if I wanna continue working in this line of employment, I have to read. And read, and read and read. So yeah. XD

So I’ll start with: Turtles.

For tomorrow.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Internship: Day 1

I interrupt the previous series to start on this one: my internship in The Green Connection, KK.

Okay. Day 0 was okay; my boss picked me up and sent me to a fellow staff’s apartment where I would be staying for the next two months. Got settled in, all was great.

Then came Day 1. So boss picked me up for work, one time only offer, I get to walk ten minutes to work from here end on, but never mind. Showed up for work, had the grand tour of the place, got handed over to lots and lots of different staff, all telling me what THEIR department and they are responsible to do, ALL different. Got blur.

Officially I’m in the FISH department. Unofficially and realistically, I’m gonna touch on everything else. I don’t mind, but I would like it very much to have a timetable or a job scope of such. I answer to so many people I don’t know who to prioritize cause this is not in a hierarchy level kinda organization. All my bosses at the moment are heads of their own department and the head of all these heads is a money-throwing organization whose butt sits in a grand chair in an air-conditioned room and whose face(s) and name(s) I will never get to see in my two months here.

Anyway my first assignment was to get to know all the workers there including admin and cleaners and security guard and etc. I have yet to know if I pass the assignment as judgment shall be passed tomorrow at work.

And um. I’ll say this for those who understand the feeling. Over protectiveness will make people feel unnecessary awkwardness. If anyone is interested in the story then I might consider writing it, but right now I’m too tired to go into detail.

On a different note:

I might get to SCUBA dive! Feed sharks! Plant coral! YAY!

Depending on circumstances, though.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Presently walking in the past: Prologue

As I sort out all my things that I left lying around, physically and electronically, I realized how many things happened in the three years I have been here.

Three years ago I initially threw away my appeal plan because I was offered a course for three years. Had I appealed and won, I would have gone to another place for five years.

Looking back on how much fun I had in these three years, made me wonder, for an instant, whether I should have appealed for that five year course. If I did, then I wouldn’t have to taste the numbing ache of separation so soon.

I would have another two years to be with my friends.

But then again, if I HAD won that appeal and left for that five year course, I wouldn’t have met the bunch I’m with right now. Chances were I could have suffered for five years as a loner as I always had been, instead of gradually coming out of my shell during these three years alongside influence of the friends I made here.

The friends I’ve made here won’t be there.

Of course I have no basis to whether my life would be better or worse had I transferred, but know this, had I the chance to rewind and redo everything over, well I won’t lie, there ARE a great many things I would like to do differently, but I wouldn’t have considered appealing to transfer away from you guys.

Had I made that decision, I would never have gotten to know all of the people I have gotten to know. Sure, as with any community you exist in, there are people I like, people I didn’t like so much, and people I plain just didn’t care about.

For the people in the first two categories: Hey. I am really grateful that I got to know you guys. ^^

Like I said, many things happened through the years, and many changes happened to. Also, while I AM still the person my pre-u friends knew, at the same time, I’m not.

I think these three years of human interaction and events have made a difference to who I am and how I act.

I’ve changed. In some ways for the better, I hope.

But I’m not gonna deny that there are parts that became worse.

I’m still me.

But I wonder what I would mutate into in the next two months. ^^

Following this post would be a walk down memory lane through these three wonderful years. I just hope I remember every detail that mattered to me.