Monday, March 29, 2010

Relationship between cake, chocolates and friendship ^^

Just felt like posting something other than what I had forgotten what to write about earlier.

And no, this wasn’t what I had wanted to write. I still haven’t recalled it.

Whatever it was.

Sometimes I feel that some friendships are like cakes.

Why? I wonder if anyone thinks this way:

Cuz you see all over the surface of the cake is cream, right? No matter how you cut the cream in half divide, do whatever to set it apart in whatever way, in the end when you lump it all together you don’t see any gaps. The cream will stick itself back together.

That’s the outer layer.

But as you go deeper, into the inner layer into the actual cake itself, imagine cutting it in half. Imagine doing whatever you did to the cream and break it, set it apart.

When you put it back together…

It doesn’t meld together anymore.

Even if it was just a small crack, it will never again regain its original shape in one piece.

The pieces will stay, well, pieces.

You can try to arrange them back into order and then spread the cream thickly all over to hide the fact that the cake has been cut but while on the outside the cake looks like it’s a one piece, it breaks into pieces again when a time comes when you have to dig deeper past the cream.

On the other hand, there ARE some friendships that are like chocolates. ^^

There’s nothing on the surface, and when you break it, well it breaks. But if you grip it tightly enough, the chocolate will melt and be one piece again.

Which type of friendship are you in? XD


Though I wonder if anyone can make any rational sense out of what I’m talking about. ^^;


I loaded the page knowing full well what i was gonna say but when it finally loaded and my fingers touched the keyboard suddenly my mind went blank.

i didn't know what i wanted to say anymore.


This has been happening quite frequently as of late. My GOD. My memory can't be formating itself when i'm in the middle of FINALS!!

What if i went in the exam hall fully prepared and hit writer's block as soon as my pen touched the answer sheet?

how? HOW?

cannot happen.

must go buy [Brand's Chicken Essence] Lol.

Which reminds me. must go re-string my badminton racket later. XD

Tuesday, March 23, 2010




我知道, 人缘很重要;


我知道, 所有人都有踏错脚步的一刻;


我知道, 我对某些人的态度很不公平;


我知道, 世界不止有我一个;


我知道, 做错要认错,这是小学生都会的事情;


我知道, 遇到帮了你一手的恩人要懂得感恩;


我知道, 在现实的世界里,一个人是不能生存的;


我知道, 我这么做是错的;






Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the midst of things...

I feel so relieved at the moment. But at the same time I feel like I'm running out of time. Ironic, no?

Life's like that lately.

I'm happy cuz I've finished half of my pressing workload, but the other half's pinning me down and getting me depressed at the same time.


I know, I'm rambling. Oh well.

^^ annual dinner tomorrow ^^

Monday, March 08, 2010

Now I remember why i'm not an Atheist


Cause at times I feel there's this higher power helping me avoid bad things in life. And i'm sure i've said this a million times: "sure i don't get the best out of life, but i'm glad i'm not stationed to pick up the worst bits either."

That, people, came from a self-professed pessimist.

yep. i'm just happy to receive the normal bits. not the best, not the worst.

and i really feel blessed that i do not have to fix my car.

cuz some overgrown kambing on four wheels dashed out of a junction cross the road where i had right of way nearly made me hit it. i was doing =... 80? 90? no idea.

luckily there were no cars to the left where i swerved to, or if there WAS, luckily i did not hit them.

i'm sorry for the shock i gave to the two passengers i had then. lucky im accustomed to high speed turns, no? haha just joking.

and for the record, i'm a deist praying to buddha. XD