Saturday, September 24, 2011


Wow. Nearly a month since I last updated. But I can’t help it! What with the house shifting, job hunting, convocation preparing and dive license taking, I barely have enough time to sleep.

(heh. Excuse. After all that still got time go FB everyday. Haha.)

Anyway. Convocation’s in two weeks (I think) and tomorrow I’m goin on a day trip to get my convo robe. Have to sleep on a bus for two days and straight to work after. ==ll

Before this I spent 3d3n on a live-on-board. Also not enough sleep, cuz we wanted to maximize dive time so had to wake up early and sleep late. Haha.

Then when finally got on dry ground, my body was so used to the rocking boat that I am still experiencing “mabuk darat”. ~(@.@)~

More on this trip later when I steal photos from the others who went with me and brought their own cameras. Going on this trip gave me another reason to step up on my terribly incompetent stamina level. But more on this later when I have the energy and more importantly, stolen photos to back up my stories. ^^