Friday, August 28, 2009

Despite vowing I will update this very week, I still abandoned it for three.

everytime i go to my blog to check for friends' blog updates, i feel ashamed looking at my last post's date.

three weeks ++ already??!! my god. time really does fly. (despite me saying i will update at least once a week...)

actually not i dowan to update la its cause everytime i got time to update i also happen to be in an emo state then when i look at my previous posts which are so goddamn emo i decide to postpone updating and wait for a time when i'm not emo. so nice right, spare you all the heartache. XD

seriously i get really frequent mood swings nowadays. in the morning i'd be unapproachable and in the evenings i'd be crazy happy like nobody's business. *swt*

stupid thing is that i will not be aware of the transition until i lay back and think about it. like the other day when i just blasted at an innocent coursemate for something i thought was annoying at the time but later on i realised that i was just being a jerk.

i wasn't even aware i was in a bad mood. it wasn't until hours later when my friend told me i was in a 'snit' (<-as she called it) that morning that i suddenly realised what i did. i apologized to the poor person i shot at later that evening. no bad feelings, i hope.

heh. i'm being a difficult person, aint i? but serious its totally unintentional.

maybe i have the jekyll-hyde syndrome. (spilt personality o.O)

on a different note, i have flu, cough, headache, sore throat and muscle ache. Everything except FEVER. (but ocassionally i get cold chills for no apparent reason, counted?)

... o.O??!!

but i'm NOT sick. don't brainwash me into thinking i am. period.

i've also been acting weird lately. (yes i know it too. dont be so shocked)

argh... i shall blame it all on stress.

Sunday, August 09, 2009



i used to hate them. i still do.

i'd complain about their attitudes, their habits, their behaviour.

i find them terribly, terribly annoying. i still do.

in the silence where i think i am alone, i'd damn them, curse them, hate them.

i hate hypocrites very much.

i also find them despite how strongly i feel about them, i'm slowly becoming one myself.

does that mean i'm starting to hate myself, too?