Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tech Toys

Okay so recently I’ve succumbed to an addiction to touch screen high tech toys. To be specific:

images Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I know, I know, there are newer versions and this is going to be obsolete fast. But I prefer my touch screens to be big and this is one of the thinnest and lightest tablet computers on the market(compared also to iPad 2 – and I still don’t feel like using Apple stuff).

The other is this:

asus_zenbook_ux31e_1148877_g1Asus Zenbook – or something like this 

The Zenbook is at LEAST (at lowest specs) 1k+++ more expensive than the tablet. That aside, I’m still thinking if I’ll get used to using a tablet all the time instead of a laptop.

The tablet is: highly mobile, no need to flip open, and has touch screen.

BUT. It’s processor will make it slower than the laptop and I like my tech toys fast. It also comes with low in-built memory storage (I know I can store stuff online but I’d like to access my stuff when the internet is not available – and I don’t plan to get a data plan – yet).

The laptop has: a bigger screen, and bigger (more sufficient) memory space in built, and whoooo~ I’ll SURE to get the model with a decently speedy processor.

BUT. It’s not as convenient. No touch screen. And did I mention 1k+++ more moolah needs to be spent on this brat?

It’s unfair since I’m comparing two totally different genre of things although they are used in more or less the same way.

I suppose I’ll have to consider which will suit my lifestyle more.

Oh well. It’s not like I can afford it now anyway. So I’ll probably wait until more advanced technology to appear so that the price will be reduced.

God knows THAT happens so very often.