Friday, May 28, 2010


I realized that while i don't remember the face and name of everyone i meet (those who do know me must know by now that i remember very, very few strangers) I HAVE met many people. People - strangers, acquaintances to be exact, who've made an impact into who i am today.

In fact, everybody i know has a hand in "creating" me, so to speak. XD i do imitate people around me (saru mah, what to expect kan?), and its just a question of how much i incorporate their personalities into mine.

What brought on this was that i suddenly realized the differences of how i act when i'm in PJ and KT - depending on the current gang company. Like how while i can be a sadist in front of one, another would deem the act, erm, distasteful. ==ll

But there ARE many different people everywhere, each with different personalities. which strengthens my belief again on how we are all each different and unique, yet, its BECAUSE we are ALL different and unique, we are also all THE SAME.

And this is also why i don't really like meeting new people. Cuz they are all different and i need to remember many different things, but when I do remember them, i'd like to keep in touch with them. Reason being they've made an impact onto me (plus i DID make an effort to remember them! LOL jk).

However I keep in contact with very few people. Its not like I don't want to keep in contact with those that i lose touch with, but although i want to know more and befriend a person, the gap between us is too wide and it gets wider with every given day because there is just no way to get closer without being terribly, terribly awkward.

How can a person you're not close you impact you, you ask? Well, i don't know. But it happens to me quite often. I have a prime example of one i've met in F1 - but if i continue about this i think i would be dragging this post too long. haha.

Anyway, I'm going of the point here, i think (if i HAD any point in the first place). So the point is:
I really appreciate those of you in my life right now, and also not forgetting those who aren't but were. ^^
(ceh like giving some important thanksgiving speech only)

Just random thoughts i had while doing daily cleaning duties for my "kids" ^^