Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First home-made Movie Clip!!! FINALLY!

This was actually completed sometime late August last year but i never uploaded it due to poor connection. Today i discovered the libraries can ACTUALLY upload stuff!!!

okay so i was blur and never noticed. but then again don't blame me. its the libray's comp and i never would have realised it if not for the fact that my laptop's in the hospital.

Ok. so now i shall sing some self praises:

This is my first video!!! YAY! i actually have a couple more in my External HD but be patient ya. one at a time. FOr starters, i thought it was great. But after i made a couple more i thought this was NOT so great. means i improved, okay. Plus that night i spent FIVE hours on the video, disturbing my roommate who was trying to study.

sorry ya. just don't kick me out of the house next sem and beyond...

the music doesn't really match but its my first time doing something like this okay... the rest are a bit better. i was clever enough to just put ONE song. haven't mastered the art of mixing songs just yet.

please comment on the video.

thank you.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Bro's Video

My brother did this some time ago and i promised him i'd post it here. so there.

see! your big sis keeps promises. unlike someone...

erm.. and there's tiny miniscule words at the bottom (the worm's monolog) if you can read it, thats good. if you can't, its ok.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lack of electronic devices...

IS NOT GOOD FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!

...and yes, i'm still using the libraries PC for my daily electronical needs... can't wait till CNY. btw i took french as an elective. when you see me end of this year i'd be speaking french to you people... BWAHAHAHAH

IF i master the language.

anyway. i actually have TONS of videos of my campus life to upload but i'm detered by three things:

1. i have no PC
2. even if i had the campus's connection is TOO slow to upload them so i have to wait till i get back anyway
3. i need to seek copyright permission from those whose faces are in the home made clip.

excuses, excuses.

can't think of anything else to post now except that i'm SO looking forward to tommorow's SECOND french class. Au revoir! XD