Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pulau Bidong Trip

I hereby start by saying that the lack of updates is due to the fact that I have NO time at all to go online, so its not like I didn’t want to do anything and was lazy. (Ok. There WAS once that I could have come down for the net service but I was tired. Or twice. XD)

Its a bit late but updating my trip about pulau Bidong. (Which I went and returned about…. Earlier this month ^-^”) basically it was fun, exciting but otherwise uneventful except for one thing (which will be disclosed later). I really regret not taking any videos but I have many pictures ^^v which will be made into a movie clip of some sort and uploaded later.

Anyway the first day after arriving on the speedboat, we were told to swim from the beach to a stationary boat… err… forgot the distance…. But it was at least 1 kilometer away. I think. But it WAS far. And you had to SWIM! Then we went on the boat and jumped from it back into the sea. The height of the boat… 2 meters above sea level. FUN! YAY!

We were lucky because the jellyfish season was almost over when my course went. When the first batch went, jellyfishes were abundant and roaming all around. Therefore many people were stung. Our batch… well. You had to be lucky to even see the jellyfish. Although there were two people I know that are so goddamn lucky the jellyfishes shook hands with them. XD and it, well, was severely painful. Ahhh memories…

Second day we spent an hour each climbing the island mountain, canoeing, snorkeling and fishing. The island was actually a refuge place for Vietnamese during the warring period so there was a settlement there (rotting away…) anyway there was a memorial, a church, a school, temple… btw the temple. You know in a normal temple there are deity statues and such. In this temple all the heads of the deities were cut off.

Why? Well the explanation was that there was a legend (rumor?) that the Vietnamese brought valuables and gold and such with them during their escapade and hid them in the head of these statues. So when you do there it’s just that. You see headless statues.

Unfortunately my camera wasn’t waterproof so obviously no pictures of corals while we went snorkeling. The corals were beautiful!! But the species that were there are limited. The fishes there were VERY cute. Somebody brought bread to feed them and all of them surrounded us for more. My buddy forgot to take out a piece of paper out of her pocket and it floated out. Then the fishes went and nibbled at the thing. XD

Some people saw a baby shark near the rocky coast but I did not have time to go there. T-T

Fishing was fun too. My group WON the fishing comp with a total catch of 34 fishes. There was a person who fell asleep fishing and when she woke up and pulled the line there was a fish on the hook. Lol. Anyway we had the fish for BBQ but the scales weren’t properly cleaned. But it tasted great anyway.

In the mornings we woke up and did aerobic exercises. When volunteers were asked to lead us in the exercise, they did REALLY stupid but nevertheless fun to do exercises. After that we had to sing patriotic songs –dengan PENUH semangat-

At night it was basically group activities. We arranged a performance for each group and it was goddamn funny. No videos. T-T

Just before we went back there was a canoe competition! WE WON! WE WON! Wahahahahahahh………….. That, I have videos. Shall be uploaded later.

After that our group flag got stolen and in order to claim our flag, we had to go back in the seawater. We were MORE than happy to of course but here’s the part that I got depressed about.

I totally forgot that my camera was in my pocket.

My BRAND NEW camera.

And I was so totally excited I went in the water first, pulling many others.

Oh well.

What’s done is done. But one good thing did come out of it though. When I sent my camera for repair, they said to repair it would cost more than buying a new camera. But they offered to by it back second hand at normal price as a trade in if I wanted another camera.



I have a new camera.

And its waterproof.

10 FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!


But its goddamn heavy compared to the old one.