Thursday, October 10, 2013

Training in Hawaii - Day 4

Ok so I'm about to start my fourth day here. I won't say that I've started work cause I don't feel that way yet. It's the second day reporting for work but so far it has been an orientation process, and that, in my book, doesn't count as work.

I had my first dolphin encounter yesterday and it was awesome. The animal was awesome, their techniques were awesome, their training results were awesome, trainer/presenter was awesome... God everything was awesome. In that order, incidentally. Lol.

I just so looking forward to learning everything I can here and just being the best I can be. I just keep recalling this line from one of Dean Koontz, where this certain bartender absorbs everything like a sponge but doesn't leech anything out when squeezed. That's what I aim to be as my output here seems to be unappreciated and to some point resented for some people. Any output of mine shall be filtered thoroughly through a stringent social and need-to-know filtration process.

Anyway, another aim of mine is to keep a log on stuff I've learned and blog as frequently as possible. A picture a day, if possible.

So much for aims. I wish the 'real' stuff will start soon.