Sunday, December 14, 2014

The limit you strive to surpass

I believe that when one tries to surpass one's limit, they do so under the shadow of two role models they created in their lives.

One, it's the perfect version of themselves, who has achieved all their dreams and aspirations, who has everything they ever wanted, who has no other wants because they already have it all.

The second role model is that one person, or persons in their lives who resembles closest to that prefect self they have projected in their imagination.

I myself am chasing these two models. Doing my level best to stand on par with them. But as it is now,  it feels like they are walking further and further from me while I'm chained to the spot unable to move.

I strain myself trying to move. I push myself to surpass these limits I have. It's not enough.

They are moving further away even now. Soon I won't even be able to see their shadows in the distance.

Will I fall and lose everything before reality hits me and tells me it all doesn't matter in the end?

If so, why am I trying so hard?

The imagine of the perfect me blurs at times, and changes from the perfect human being, to just this person with the courage to end it all.


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